• Visual confortable and ef ciencey High bay Led Lamp
  • System International patent (2008) for total light emission by re ectors
  • Visual Confort and Uniform lighting without glare
  • Safety
  • Autodimming or total light output management
  • 120 000 hours
  • Running temperatures: -20/+55°C from 85 to 105W models -20/+60°C from 45 to 65W models
  • Made 100% in Italy and western of Europe
  • 5 Years warranty

HibayLed Titlis is a product developed for suspended lighting applications for internal or external applications.
By drawing on our expertise and know-how, we have designed this luminaire to provide excellent lighting performance and visual comfort: diffused lighting without creating dark spots and hardly any glare.
The external design and quadrangular structure mean it sits well in a diversity of urban surroundings, successfully lighting up the night and blending into the background by day.
Designed to provide high energy savings, HibayLed Titlis is a tangible, sustainable response to local authorities’ need to curb costs.