• More visibility by movement and light
  • System International patent
  • for global flag light emission with energy efficiency
  • Unique visual and Uniform lighting
  • Economy
  • Light output management
  • +50 000 hours
  • Made 100% in Hollande and western of Europe
  • 5 Years warranty

Using ags and banners is the way to be better visible. The continuous movement catches the eye, and the attention of passing audience is naturally drawn to it.
Recently scienti c research has proven that movement in combination with light creates the highest visual attention value.
This unique lighting system contains of power LEDs which are arranged around the pole in a circular unit. Because of this circular setting, it doesn’t matter from which angle the wind is coming: the ag or banner is always fully illuminated.
The powerful CREE LEDs create a clear and uniform light distribution.
The PoleLed lighting unit is applicable to almost every type of existing and new poles, both made of wood, aluminum, and polyester, either conical or cylindrical.
The PoleLed lighting resists at the desert environnement.
– PoleLed Basic (poles up to 115 mm ø) – PoleLed Extended (poles up to 145 mm ø)